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Therapeutic Services

The therapeutic clinic at Studio 414 MTL consists of independent practitioners. We share a trauma aware approach and social justice values. Our studio ethic is one of collaboration and supporting independent therapists. By keeping our space affordable and promoting therapists, they can offer you more accessible prices for their services.

Each practitioner has their own style and unique strengths. If you would like a recommendation for the therapist for your needs, please feel free to contact Studio 414.

You can also explore the Community Healing Days clinic that takes place at Studio 414. It is a sliding scale, subsidized clinic offering services for low income folks who face barriers accessing alternative healthcare. It is a project of Family Care Collective, Healing Resistance and Tiger Lotus Coop. Book here


Healing Resistance

Massage Therapist, ScarWork Specialist

Manna is a queer massage and scarwork therapist whose work holds space for & centres those experiencing or resisting oppression & those working towards collective liberation. Her⁠ bodywork practice that is rooted in the political, retaining a commitment to understand the complexity of how our social political environment impacts our health & nervous systems, and how essential it is to facilitate release of trauma responses in our bodies. ⁠Her practice is consent led, trauma aware, queer, trans & sex worker inclusive.


Cat Turnbull
Touchstone Cranio

Craniosacral Therapist

Cat (she/her) is a craniosacral therapist and community worker. She practices gentle, light-touch bodywork that supports the nervous system in finding balance. Cat aims to offer clients an affirmative, non-judgemental, and caring space in which to experience rest, relief, and a deepened sense of embodiment. She is also a therapist with the Community Healing Days project.

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Charlotte Dronier

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master

She began her professional career in 2022 as a massage therapist - a certified member of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes (FQM) - using the polarity approach (école Michaël Plamondon). She is a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryôhô approach) She also practices Californian massage, Focusing massage and Shiro Abhyanga Ayurvedic, with a combined 720 of course time under her belt. 

Combined with a permanent consent and respect of what is expressed by the body, Charlotte's goal is to accompany the person to find their personal power, listening to their needs and the consciousness of oneself to move towards their well-being and inner peace.


Courtney Kirkby
Tiger Lotus Coop

Massage Therapist, Uterine Specialist

Courtney Kirkby is a co-founder of the studio. She is a massage therapist, doula and holistic uterine practitioner and educator.  She is an Abdominal Therapist, Mercier Therapist, Peristeam Facilitor, and Fertility Awareness Method practitioner. She works with folks from menarche to menopause, specializing in fertility, menstrual disorders like endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids and perimenopause. Courtney is dedicated to supporting folks at all stages of menstrual health to achieve hormonal balance. 


Chamille Rodger-Youngs

Massage Therapist

Chamille is a Swedish Massage Therapist. Their approach is to calm the nervous system and bring clients to a relaxed state to reconnect the body and mind, encouraging tension relief. Their practice is inspired by their politics - they do not seek to cure or fix, that health is improved according to our material conditions such as access to affordable housing and healthy food, safe drug supply, culturally relevant healthcare, and peer-led policy. They have a focus on the physical effects of mental illness and trauma such as TMJ disorders, irregular breathing, chronic pain, blood and lymph circulation, SI joint dysfunction, digestive issues, menstrual cycle issues, and insomnia.


Line Godbout

Massage Therapist, Japanese Moxa, Yoga Instructor

Line is a certified yoga teacher (800h), massage therapist in Tuina (1000h) and Japanese moxibustion (Fukaya style). Line’s personal practice includes Neigong-Qigong, Gongfu, Baguazhang and Yoga.

Her treatments are precise, considering the body as a whole, an intelligent vehicle capable of self-regulation. In teaching, Line invites the student to explore, experiment and receive the language of the body, to feel its vital force and its innate potential. She encourages everyone to establish a personal practice and take concrete actions on a daily basis.

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Samantha Hinds

Sound Healer/Therapist

Sound I Am Sanctuary

Samantha Hinds dives into Sound with her voice, drums and tuning forks to bring balance and harmony. Her focus spans from african and afro-descendant women on their healing journey, serving groups, individuals and open to all who want to incorporate sound into their lives. Touching on releasing suppressed emotions, grief & loss, depression, stress-relief are some of the issues that can be addressed, tailored to each person’s needs. She likes to make space to listen and create a comfortable atmosphere. Also known by her artist name Sam I Am Montolla, in her life, she expresses her love of music in creating, singing, and dancing. She’s currently the artistic curator for the CCOV, where she connects wellbeing and community to the arts. 


Rio de Ki

Naturotherapist + Bioenergetic Therapist

With 15 years training, Rio fuses various holistic practices to facilitate inner alchemy through somatic release and mind-body bioenergetics. Her sessions are immersive and gentle, yet deep and direct. Clients emerge relaxed, harmonized and with a sense clarity.


Rio is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Hypnosis + NLP Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist and Restorative/Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. 


Rio is a registered Naturotherapist and issues insurance receipts through the ACNN. She has recently become a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals

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Rowan En

Massage Therapist

Rowan works as a registered massage therapist with 7 plus years of clinical experience. They have worked in multidisciplinary clinics alongside physiotherapists, acupuncturists and osteos and thrive best in community health practice settings that prioritize accessibility and diversity. Their modalities include deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, assisted stretching, mobility work and cupping therapy. They have completed the first level of training with the Somatic Institute and implement nervous system regulation techniques when required/requested. 


When not working, catching them organizing or hanging with their true love, willow the dog. 


Therapy Room Available

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